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The Nightingale is a symbol of immortality, beauty, and freedom from the world&rsquos troubles. Its ever-changing song has been described as one of the most beautiful sounds in nature and throughout history, it has inspired poetry, fairy tales, books, songs, and opera. We invite you to enter this year with a renewed sense of purpose and freedom from your burdens. Inspired by the legends and sophistication associated with classic china patterns, this tasteful and timeless My Bud Vase&trade is perfect for those moved by romanticism and exotic treasures.

Your Vase Bong: Porcelain bulb-shaped vase and tray set. br>
Your Fixed Downstem: You&rsquore on the move, but this baby is designed to stay put. 

Your Bowl: Custom made for your vase and designed for flower. A small bubble bowl is also included! br>
Your Floral Arrangement: Because we believe high design can also be highly functional, we&rsquove curated faux decorative flowers that double as a bowl poker. Two Paper White Flower Pokers. br>
Your Certificate of Authenticity: You are now a treasured member of the My Bud Vase&trade journey. Welcome to our family.

Dimensions: H: 4 inches W: 4 inches

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