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 Bronze Aztec Skull with Engraving Collectible Statue

The Aztec Indians are an ancient culture that is well known for its strange practices, although this Bronze Aztec Skull shows that sometimes strange things can be every bit as appealing and attractive as what we are more comfortable or familiar with. This impressive skull is crafted not from bronze as its appearance would suggest but rather from cold cast resin that has been hand-painted to give it a fantastic bronze metal finish. The skull is not lacking for detail in any way. Heavily carved and ornamented, this skull features a web of lines across its surface which almost makes it look like it was shattered and then pieced carefully back together. Intricate carvings and lines run across the skulls surface creating a myriad of shapes that are quite appealing to the eye. Some, like those on the skulls crown and temples, even depict Aztec figures and gods. The skull measures approximately 6.5 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide, and 7.75 inches long. This Bronze Aztec Skull certainly is not your everyday, run of the mill skull, which makes it a perfect choice if you or a friend are looking for something that will certainly catch and the hold the eye of all those who catch sight of it.

  • Crafted from Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand Painted to Feature a Bronze Finish
  • Possesses a Stunning Level of Detail
  • Decorated with a Variety of Engraved Patterns
  • Aztec Designs are Complex, Rich, and Eye Catching
  • A Great Gift Idea or Home Decor Item

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