Raw Classic 11/4" papers Pack of 300



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RAW Classic Creaseless 1¼

RAW Classic Creaseless Paper for smoother burning &ndash made for the true purist!  These flat, creaseless packs are the original style of rolling papers that even pre-date interleaving!  They&rsquore the same today as they were 100 years ago.  Perfectly made from natrually unbleached plant fibers and finished with our purest natural gumline for a consistent, steady burn.  Designed to satisfy even the most discriminating smoker.  With our use of a truly natural gum with NO preservatives, a slight curl may appear at the gumline in low humidity naturally.  (If they curl just hold the sheet taught and blow warm air &ndash exhale &ndash onto the gumline, that straightens them right out.) ??

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