Elements Rolling tips Perforated



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Elements Rolling tips Perforated ( 1 PACK-50TIPS)

Extra wide filter tips for an extra nice taste of your buds. These Elements Perforated Tips are made without any chlorine or chemicals, which makes these papers extra healthy for using in your cigarettes.
These tips are 59 mm long, 17 mm width and to ensure you from daily fresh tips they put 50 tips in one booklet. That way your tips won't get wrinkled easily when you keep them in your pocket or bag.

These tips from Elements are real sturdy and are a great way to give your cigarette a strong end, and besides that it also prevents the tobacco from coming out of the cigarette and going into your mouth.

Totally Chlorine and Chemical free, to make sure you don't inhale any bad smoke when smoking your cigarette.

Like people at Elements say: Grown in the earth. Nourished by the water. Powered by the wind. Burned by the fire..

50 tips per booklet

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